W7 Casino Palette


The Casino palette is another amazing product by W7, which I got from the fabulous Catherine over at Katie’s Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up). You can check out her facebook page or her shop and on both, you can check out the amazing products she has for sale and affordable prices.

This palette comes in a mirrored rectangle compact case, it then has casino inspired pictures in a matte pink, with the lettering also in the same matt pink. Underneath the palette name, you will find what this palette is made up of which are Blush, Highlight and Contour. On the back of the compact, you will find the ingredients that were involved in making this palette, as well as 4 pictures of the different shades in the palette.

Unfortunately, when I opened my compact the Highlight was damaged, I have fixed this myself with a little alcohol, but it has changed the appearance to the rest of the shadows.


So the order of the 4 products go as follow left to right; Highlight, Blush, Blush & Contour, on each of the shadows you have a raised print and they are as followed; Highlight-Heart (Mine Broke) Blush-Spade, Blush-Diamond and Contour-Club. You can that these fit the name of the palette with the card reference. This palette is stunning to look at it glistens as all shades are shimmer.

The shadows are full of pigments and are simply amazing colours, they are super blendable and you can achieve different tones by applying different layers and build up your desired look. This palette has everything you need to complete your face look in one, so instead of needing to take lots of different products you just need this palette for your highlight, blush and contour, plus you even have a mirror on the front for applying them.


I love the look and theme of this palette is so funky and quirky, plus with it being so compact it easier to pop in my bag and have with me, I love the colours and I’m a sucker for shimmer shades, so this palette is a winner in my eye. Another fab product by W7, they never seem to disappoint me and always seem to be upping their game.

This palette retail price is £7.95 and I brought it from Catherine for £4.





Halloween Swap Box


A few months ago I joined a facebook group called The Beauty & Sub Box Boutique UK Group, which is full of amazing beauty enthusiast where they have make-up products for sale that are either pre-loved or new. They are also a community which is there for each other to help wherever they can and of course to support each other. They also hold swap boxes for different occasions and themes.

I decided to take part in the Halloween inspired swap box, there was a choice of either a £20 or £40 budget box, I decided to go all in and do a £40 swap box, once I put my name forward and was accepting I paid a 32 entry fee, which went towards 3 prizes for a prize draw which all participants of the swap event would be put into to win.

I then received a questionnaire from the admin of the swap, which we needed to fill in for our swap partners, we then received the questionnaire from our swap partner with their answer and could then build a box up for them. I have prepared my swap partner box and it is ready to send.

I received my Halloween inspired swap box from Lorraine (Swap Buddy), and it is absolutely me all over, I will use everything that is in it and I can see that alot of thought went into this box to make it suitable to me and you can also show that Lorraine also stuck and paid attention to my answers on the questionnaire I answered.

The amazing items I received are the following;

  • Maleficent Eye Mask
  • Disney Villians 3 Piece Face Mask Collection
  • Revolution Under Your Spell Eye-Shadows Palette
  • Mermaid Heart Highlighter
  • Trick or Treat Lip Gloss
  • Blue Chunky Glitter Unicorn Face & Body Gel
  • Barry M Blue Body Glitter
  • Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in Crystal Blue
  • Glitter Fixer Gel
  • Fizzy Prosecco Gummies Sweets

I hope I can do more swaps with Lorraine in the future and I will also be hoping to take part in future Swap boxes in the group and hopefully make some more new friends, If you live in the UK why not check out the group and even join and take part in one of the swap boxes, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed and you will have alot of fun making up the boxes and getting to know everyone in the group.





Catch Up With Me

Hey Everyone

So you may have noticed that I had been very quiet with my blogs with a couple posted a month until last week where I have set to do at least 1 blog post each day. I wanted to give you an update with what is going on currently with my life.

So I have been really quiet due to many reasons but the main one is due to my full-time job which I started but in February I was only on a 3-month contract and then that got extended, then as that was coming to an end I transferred to a different team within the company and have been non-stop with working all different hours and travelling to visit stores and attend work event. I Love my job but by the time I have to stop working I am usually too tired to want to do anything else, but that stops now.

I am also running my own business alongside so during the free time I have been putting the work into my business, and to help with this I am also starting a course online to help me achieve the best out of my business. My business has been doing well recently where I have a fantastic offer to clear stock to make room for brand new stock for the new year.

I also still have a family to look after and a house to keep tidy and clean, so my time has also gone into spending time with my family and friends and keeping a house in one piece with of course my family help.

I really have been non-stop and have still been having trouble with my health where my abdomen pain got really bad and I was back at the doctors, I have had blood taken and scans again, and I will also be attending an appointment at the hospital with a gyno in November for more tests and this time actually get to what the problem is, but I’m not letting this stop me as I really don’t have time to be ill with how busy I really am.

I have also been helping my husband get his business up and running, so anything I have been able to help with I have been.

But with saying all this I am making time to sit down in the evening and write at least one blog post a day, as I really do enjoy reviewing products, but that’s not it I am making sure I take time out for my self either by reading, watching TV and anything else I want to do, as I know if I don’t I will burn the candle at both end in a figure of speech and burn myself out.

So thank you for taking the time to catch up with me and I hope you will enjoy the future blog posts to come.





W7 Selfie Powder


I got this product from Catherine over at Katie’s Cosmetic Corner, here are the links to her page and shop. I brought this to try as I was very curious about the blue tint powder and wanted to try it for myself, plus anything to help take a better selfie is a winner in my eyes (No Filter).

This pretty powder comes in a black compact with a clear window, which you can see the powder through, it then has a metallic dark blue splatter design on the black front, with the lettering and logo in the same metallic dark blue on the clear window. Underneath the compact, you will find the ingredients that are in the powder. I love this design it subtle but also bold at the same time, as it’s different from other compacts out there.


You open up the compact and you will find the blueish/white powder, which seems a little scary that this helps brighten up your skin, as when I first looked at it I thought I know I’m pale but I’m not that pale with this I’m going to end up like a ghost but how wrong was I. This can be applied without make-up, before or even after you have applied your make-up, you can use either a brush or a powder puff, and is easy to apply just like any other powder.


For this blog, I have shown me wearing this without any make-up, just to show what it can do, but I have also used this after I have applied my make up which not only gives me the perfect selfie look but also seals my make-up look in place.

As you can see the selfie powder made my skin look brighter but also reduced the redness in my skin and from around break out, it also reduces the look of oily skin. The selfie powder just made my skin look alot healthy and balanced giving me an overall even complexion, which just boosts my confidence in an instance, which is a powder I never thought I could love a product so much.

The selfie powder retails at £6.95 and I brought this from Catherine for £3, If you have tried this let me know what you thought of it below.




W7 Dusk Till Dawn Eye-Shadow Palette


Here I have another absolutely gorgeous palette by W7, which I brought from my make up dealer Catherine over at Katie’s Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up) Here are the links to her Facebook page and shop.

This Palette comes in a cardboard magnetic case with a mountain scene in pink and purple colours, then you have the lettering in gold holographic, the design fits very well with the theme with the mountains and colours which represents the dusk til dawn. On the back of the palette, you will find the list of ingredients that are involved in the making of this palette, you will also have a picture of the 12 shades that are included in the palette, which means you get to have some kind of idea of the shades in the palette.


When you open up the palette you will find a mirror on the lid and then you are meant by 12 extremely gorgeous eye-shadows, that are a mix of shimmer and matte shades, the eyeshadows are a mixture of browns, pinks and purples. The eyeshadows are super blendable and are full of pigment. You can create all looks from every day to night and you can either use one shade to using them all to create numerous amount of different looks.


I absolutely love this palette the shades are gorgeous and while it seems very girly you also have the browns which help with that natural look but you then have the darker shades which are very edgy, which means this palette is ideal for everyone and you can create some magical looks. W7 also got the balance right with 50/50 of matte and shimmer which means you can create even more looks with the different types of eye-shadows.

This palette retails at £9.95 and I brought it from Catherine for £6.

If you have this palette let me know what your thought on it.




POPFEEL Lipsticks


As you all are aware when it comes to lipsticks, I have a huge problem and in the word of  Pokemon (Gotta catch them all). So in this blog post, I am reviewing the 4 lipsticks by POPFEEL, which I purchased of course from my make up dealer Catherine over at Katie’s Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up) facebook page and shop.


The lipsticks come in a Black tube with a Silver band separating the base and lid, with POPFEEL wrote in bold black lettering. At the end of the base, you will find the shade name. Once you take off the lid the silver continues inside and you wind the base to reveal the lipstick. The lipsticks are cut at an angle to help with the application, plus they smell absolutely lush, I would say smells like vanilla.

The 4 lipsticks that I brought of Catherine are the following;

  • B09- This lipstick is a dark purple shade.
  • B11- This lipstick is bright candy pink shade.
  • B13- This lipstick is a nude flesh tone shade.
  • B19- This lipstick is a very dark blue shade.

These Lipsticks are super creamy and super pigmentated and have a gorgeous sheen to them, which is surprising when they are meant to matte, you can see that they are kind of matte but I wouldn’t expect to see the sheen once dried, so let’s say the best of both. You can also blend them with each other and other lipsticks/products to help you create different looks, unfortunately, they don’t last for hours and you do need to keep topping up your lipstick or remove it, otherwise, your lips will look like they have lipliner and no colour inside your outline. That does mean though that when it comes to removing you don’t need to scrub your lips until they are sore, the lipstick will come off easily with your normal make up remover.


I personally love these even though they don’t last long on, due to how gorgeous the colours are and how soft and creamy my lips feel I am happy to keep re-applying lipstick. You can apply a lip sealer on top of the lipstick which helps keep your lipstick in place and last longer, but even then you will need to re-apply it a few hours later.


These are £3 ish each at retail price and I brought these from Catherine for £2 each, so absolute bargain. Why not check out Catherine’s page or shop and see what other amazing products she has and even for you to purchase and have a try with.




LookFantastic October’s Beauty Box


October’s LookFantastic Beauty Box theme is all about embracing the positive energy and self-care through beauty. The box is Black with a Green lid, with Lookfantastic and edge of the lid in Gold.


When you open the lid you will find the Lookfantastic magazine and your free copy of Elle magazine which is worth £4.40, underneath the magazines is Green tissue paper sealed with a Black sticker with #LFBEAUTYBOX in Gold lettering. Inside the lid, you will find a word and the meaning, which is Mangata ( mowan-gata)- The reflection of moonlight on water.

Once you open up the tissue paper you will find 6 different products for you to try, the products included are a mixture of full size and samples, The products I received in October’s beauty box are the following;

  • Monu Night Renewal Complex- Sample Size 30ml- (£44.95 Full-Size 50ml)
  • Prai Throat & Decolletage Cream- Sample Size 15ml- ( £25 Full-Size 50ml)
  • Dr Lipp Elderberry Lip Tint- Full Size – £6.95
  • Pixi Gresh Face Blush in Beach Rose –  Full Size -£15
  • Ahava Mineral Body Lotion- Sample Size 40ml- (£22 Full-Size 250ml)
  • Talika Bubble Mask Bio Detox – Full Size 1 Mask – £8.95


I personally love this months beauty box, I would use over half of the products, and I am open to trying the other products as they aren’t the worst. I don’t feel this is the prettiest box that I have had so far but I like the feel with where the weather has started to turn, this shows the autumn feel with leaves starting to change and the black base shows how it’s getting darker quicker.


This box is still well worth the price as the number of products you get to try and a free magazine is tonnes better than some of the beauty boxes out there, and I don’t seem to get a repeat of products which is another plus side to this.

My Lookfantastic beauty box costs me £13.95 per month for a 6-month subscription.




W7 Spaced Out Eyeshadow Palette


So here to another W7 palette, which I’m pretty sure everytime I get the newest palette W7 always seems to bring out another one. (I hate and love them for this). As you can probably guess I got this palette from my lovely make-up dealer Catherine, over at Katie’s Cosmetic Corner ( Make Me Up), you can join her page or have a look at her shop.

This palette comes in a black cardboard magnetic case, with holographic silver dots and stars pattern, then on the front, you have the W7 Logo and palette name and lettering is in the same holographic silver, on the back you will find the ingredients that are involved in making the palette, you will also find a picture of the 12 eye-shadows, which means you get to have a little clue on what the shades will be like inside.


Once you open up the palette you will find a mirror on the lid side and then you will find the 12 eye-shadows and a double-ended brush and blender. The 12 shades are a mix of matte and shimmer and as the palette calls it an eye contour palette, as the shades are alot of browns, whites, creams and a black.


The palette is great for subtle natural everyday looks and for creating smokey eyes, this palette is great for everyone to beginners and immediate. It the perfect base palette to start with and you can create numerous of different looks which are perfect from day to night. The eye-shadows are great on their own or as a mix as they are super blendable and are very pigmentated.


I have to say I’m disappointed with this palette as W7 could have gone a long way with this palette by making the eye-shadows super bright and colourful, which to me represents the space life with glaxay colours and alien life. That is just my personal feeling to this palette. Apart from that, this palette is a great natural, nude eye-shadow palette, and i love the name of the eye-shadows.




W7 Princess Potion


Here I have another fabulous product that I got from my make up dealer Catherine over at Katie’s Cosmetic Corner (Make Me up). I will always buy from Catherine as the products that she sells are amazing and well worth the price, why not check out her page or her shop and seek out the bargains that she holds in stock at affordable prices.

The Princess Potion comes in a purple glass bottle with the name of the product, what it is and W7 logo in White lettering on the front. You will find the ingredients that are in the potions are listed on the back in white letting. Then the lid is a sliver and white pipette. The design of the product is alot different do what you normally see from serums, W7’s has a more fun design which catches your eyes while looking girly and pretty which would make a great addition to your make up collection.

As you unscrew the lid and squeeze the pipette and suck up the serum, you are met by a sweet smell and a gorgeous shimmery serum. This serum is the prettiest one I have come across so far.


The serum is easy to apply you can either squeeze some straight onto your face and massage it into your skin with your fingertips (this is what I do) or you can squeeze some into your palms and apply it with your hands and fingertips. I have been using this Complexion booster & Primer for a few weeks now and I love how my skin looks after using it, as I don’t need to wear foundation as my skin looks instantly brighter and smoother, the best thing is that the days I do choose to wear foundation this serum is the perfect primer to my base, as it helps achieve a flawless and smooth base to my foundation.


This serum is full of amazing ingredients which helps give your skin that perfect boost and helps create that flawless base for your make up, the ingredients also give the serum the amazing sweet smell that it holds. The ingredients that are including in making the Princess Potion are the following;

  • Hyaluronic Acid-Which keeps collagen synthesis up, as well as retaining skin moisture, contributing to the anti-aging benefits to the skin.
  • Rosehip Oil– Which helps due to the antioxidants and the oil’s ability to penetrate into deeper layers of skin. The vitamin C antioxidants stimulate collagen production. It also helps reduce the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
  •  Sweet Almond Oil– Which thanks to the Vitamin E, keeps your skin cells healthy, protects your skin from UV radiation damage and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin. Plus, vitamin A can help reduce acne.
  • Aloe- Which is soothing and can reduce skin inflammations, blistering and itchiness, while helping the skin to heal more rapidly. Additionally, in Ayurvedic medicine, Aloe is used to effectively heal chronic skin problems, such as psoriasis, acne and eczema.
  • Argan Oil- Which is a skin moisturiser to hydrate and soften skin. With its high vitamin E and fatty acid content, Argan oil is the ideal product to give skin a natural boost. It absorbs easily and is non-greasy and non-irritating, which makes it a great natural moisturiser.
  • Grape Leaf– Which provide you with Calcium and Iron, two essential minerals, The iron in grape leaves promotes healthy circulation — the mineral helps your blood carry oxygen throughout your body,
  • Camomile– Which helps fade spots, eliminate acne scars and fight breakouts if used topically, due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, It is a powerhouse of antioxidants and protects the skin from free-radical damage.


I love using this product and I will continue using it, as I simply love how my skin looks and feels with this serum. The amount of skin-boosting products which are there to prevent me from break-outs and damage is a huge one for me as well, as you all know how much I struggle with my skin, so finding a product that works is a blessing, plus it also means I can keep my confidences up as well. I also personally love the smell and design of this product.

Princess Potion retails at £7.99 and I brought it from Catherine for £5.50




LookFantastic Septemeber’s Beauty Box


September’s LookFantastic Beauty theme was Birthday, which is all about celebrating LookFantastic’s 4th Birthday with this special birthday box edition. The box is a light purple with iridescent shed pattern on the lid with “Birthday” written in White and Lookfantastic in Silver.


When you open the lid you will find the Lookfantastic Magazine and your free copy of Elle magazine which is worth £4.40, underneath the magazine is light blue tissue paper sealed with a light purple/grey sticker with #LFBEAUTYBOX in silver lettering. Inside the lid you will find a quote, this month quote is ” Another year older & more fantastic than ever”.

Once you open up the tissue paper you will find 6 different products for you to try, the products included are a mix of sample and full-size products. In this special Birthday edition, you also received some sweets ( Parma Violets my favourite). The products I received in September’s beauty box are the following;

  • Lord & Berry Strobing Pencil – Full-Size – £11.20
  • Omorovicza Gold Shimmer Oil – Sample Size 30ml – (£52 Full-Size 100ml)
  • Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – Sample Size 40ml – (£18.50 Full-Size 75ml)
  • Mane N Tail Hand & Nail Cream – Sample Size 57g (£8 for Full-Size 170g)
  • EVE LOM Cleanser and 1/2 Muslin Cloth – Sample Size 20ml – (£85 for Full-Size 200ml)
  • Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil – Sample Size 9ml – (£32.85 for Full-Size 55ml)
  • Giant Parma Violets – Full-Size – 99p


I personally feel this box was even worse than last months box, as apart from the sweets and hand cream nothing else is up my street, but I will give everything a go and see what I think afterwards. I love the birthday feel and the box is going to make a fab addition to my other boxes. I still feel this beauty box is worth it though as the number of products you get to try and a free magazine is alot better than other beauty boxes who seems to repeat products.

My lookfantastic beauty box costs me £13.95 per month for a 6-month Subscription.