W7 Mighty Mattes Eye-Shadow Palette

20190331_164132.jpgHere is one of W7 early palette which was in one of my first few orders from my amazing Make Up Dealer Catherine, over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up), I will pop the links below the blog post along with my code where you can get 10% off your order.

W7 palettes started out in tins, which came them a robust case to protect them, and was also different from the normal cardboard cases, or plastic eyeshadow palettes that other manufactory use, this was also before W7 changed to the cardboard palettes. The Mighty Mattes palettes tin is grey with embossed and engraved lettering in Cream and Dark Brown. On the back of the tin you will find the ingredients involved in making the palette, there is also a picture of the eye-shadows that are in this palette.


Once you open the palette, you will find 12 eyeshadow, which are all matte, this palette is also Nudes/Browns in shades, and start with the lightest working their way up to the darkest, this palette also contains a White and Black shade, The eyeshadows are soft and are easily transferred from palette – brush- eyelid, and the shadows are full of pigment and are super bendable to help create different looks from day to-night.


This palette is great for anyone who is just starting out to a professional, as having a nude palette is essential for those simple everyday look and are also the essentials to create that smokey eye look. This palette also comes with a double-ended applicator which has a sponge on one side and the brush on the other side.

In conclusion this palette is great for anyone starting out, the only thing is W7 no longer sells them as they are discontinued, but you can still buy them on Amazon, Ebay. The tin palettes are different but I personally feel they are bulky to store and travel with, as well as being very noisy, but I do like the fact that if you drop the palette the tin actually prevent the shadow from breaking.

unfortunately Catherine can no longer get hold of the palettes, to stock, but she has a lot of other fab palettes and products and you can get 10% OFF using my code- BECKI10

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W7 Velvet Secret Matte Lip Colour-Nudes

20190223_163155.jpgAnother set of matte liquid lipsticks from my fabulous Make Up Dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up). I will pop the links below to her Facebook page and to her website, you can also get 10% off by using my code- BECKI10

These lipsticks come in a clear tube, where you can see the shade of the lipstick through, the lettering and drip detail is in Black, alogn with the handle for the applicator being also Black. On the opposite side of the lettering you will find the ingredients involved in making the lipstick as well as the lipstick shade name.

So if you have been following my blog for a while you will know I’m not one for nudes, as I’m more for bright colours, but I’m always up for trying new ones to see if I can find ones I like. So that 1 of the reason why I buy nudes so I am able to try them but also because I love reviewing products and letting you all know about them.


Once you go to use these lipsticks you will find the applicator is that of a factory standard sponge wand. The lipstick are of a creamy texture and are easy to apply and once you allow to dry, they are obviously matte, they seem to last a while as well before re-applying.

The 6 shades I brought in this nude collection are the following;

  • Los Bandidos
  • Cappuccino
  • Easy
  • Rude
  • Marbella
  • El Toro


Out of the 6 shades I kept 1 which was “Easy” as I love how this nude suited me. In conclusion these lipsticks are fab, they are fab for everyone, as like I said I just prefer bright lipstick to nudes, but I know alot of you love a good nude lipstick and these are of an affordable price while being of high quality. I can never fault W7 on their products as they always deliver on outstanding products.

These lipsticks retail at the price of £29.95 for the 6 shades and I brought them from Catherine for about £18. The links are below for her page and shop and remember if you use my code you get 10% off – BECKI10

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W7 Lip Paint- The Art of Lip Gloss



These 4 chunky Lip Paints, I got from my fablous make-up dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me up), I will  pop the links to her Facebook page and Shop link below, and you can also get 10% off when using my code- BECKI10

These Lip Paints come in a chunky circlar tube, which are the colour of the shade of lip gloss with bBlack lettering, then the wand handle is Black, on one side of the product you have the name and logo and on the other side you have a list of the ingredients used to make the product, you also have the name of the shade as well.


The wand applicator is a tear-shaped sponge with a hole in the middle, this is the best applicator to me as its the perfect shape for your lips, as you are able to create the shape of your lips without problem, thanks to the pointed tip and then going wider, it also helps create an even coverage of lip gloss, rather then having to re-apply it serveral times. The applicator is also soft and easy to clean.


I was shock to see how much pigment was actually in these lip glosses, as usually with lip glosses you expect a bit of colour but it usually is more of the shear side. These Lip glosses hold alot of pigment and if I didn’t know they were lipglosses I would of sworn they were Lipsticks, just due to the amazing shades and how much they provide with full coverage. They also smell pleasant with an almost minty smell, which is very refreshing indeed.

In conclusion these lip glosses are very impressive with just how pigmentated they are, but personally for me I am not a fan of lip glosses, as I don’t like the wet/glossy look plus I’m not a fan of how they are sticky and my hair and everything else usually gets stuck to them, which in the end create an horrible mess or I just end up taking it off so what was the point of putting it on in the first place, which is a shame as these shades are fab and I need them in a matte lipstick. But lets say I did wear lip glosses these would be on the top of my favourite and would be worn all the time, as I was amazed by these.

Retail Price- £4.95 ish, I brought from Catherine for £3

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Remember to use my code BECKI10 for 10% off your order.





Update On Health


Hey Everyone

So it the 2nd of April already, time really is flying by, thats is thanks to how hectic my work has become along with some mental shifts I have been doing. So yes I’m still doing really well at work and still love my job, but the reason for this blog post is since the 26th of January, I havent given an update with what or how my health is currently and thought I would give you all an update on how it currently stands.


So since the 26th January, where you found out that I had been going through alot with my diagnosis of PCOS and also from the 24th of Decemeber I havent been able to eat anything hot or anything which is of any actually nutritions to me, here how I currently stand.

I am now on 14 weeks of still not being able to eat anything hot or proper meal, I’m still on salads and cold foods, I have still been trying to eat something hot or warm but still have the same issue of throwing it back up, I have found I can have pasta and rice cold and some other sauces but I have to have a small quantity, as too much and I throw it up. So been back and forth from the doctor with this and 2 weeks ago I went and had a camera down my throat to see if they could find anything, well lets just say I never want to go through that again, that has been the most unpleasant thing I have ever had to go through. The results from that is everything is fine, nothing blocking or no problems from what they can see.


This is so frustrating but also good thing as well. I am back at the doctors this week to see what is the next on the chalk board.  This has become very frustrating now, as my body is seriously fighting to keep going and due to my lack of diet I have alot of other side effects from losing weight, skin breaking out, my core temptature is all over the place and most of the time I am boiling hot and I notice I am brusing alot easier now, plus I only need to smell some food and I throw up. So I really am hoping they find out what is going on soon as I really don’t know how much longer I can take this.

Another thing I mention was that I have been put forward for exploratory surgery to see if they can find another cause for my pain I am in 24/7, well they think they know what it is but surgery will confirm it or not as what they think it is can take years to diagnoise. They think I may have Endometriosis or Endos for short, which if they believe it true could be causing me the struggle I am currently having with eating as the lining could be growing on my stomach, if they do confirm this I will have ongoing health issues and numerous amount of surgeries and will always be in pain, there is no cure for Endos, and worst case scenorio they may do a full hysterectomy but this will not cure it or take away from my pain. So as I say I am waiting for my surgery to confirm it but I may not get an asnwer even then as this diease is so hard to diagnoise. My surgery was meant to happen the 25th March and I was there all day where I waited and hadn’t eaten or drank anything just to be told it had been cancelled as they had ran out of time, so now have to wait for my appountment to come through, I came out of there not knowing if I wanted to scream or cry, as it had been the surgery I had been waiting for. The best way I can explain how I feel in the easiest way, it’s like i’m playing snakes and ladders and I just move a couple of places and then hit a ladder and fall back down. I just want answers!!!!


So yes I am still cosntantly in pain 24/7 and I deal with it the best I can with either strong pain meds, hot water bottles, boiling hot showers and baths, but no matter how rough I am feeling or how little sleep I have had I always get up and put a smile on my face as I am not letting this beat me, I will live my life to the best and full I can.


I’m also struggling with my skin currently as well, as like I said earlier with the lack of my diet it has broken out and where usually I can get it under control and clear it up, this time it has become very sore and is the worst it has ever been, so with my upcoming doctors appointment I will be asking to see if I can get some steroids to help clear it up as its just another thing which knock my confidence out of me, but hopefully it will clear up with the help of steroids.

So yes my health sucks and looks like it will do for the rest of my life. But this doesn’t stop me I have my way to deal with it and I have plenty of support around me who are there for me on my good and bad days. This will not control me I will fight this with everything I have.


I will keep you all up to date with what happens with my health.

I just want to say thank you to all of you as well as you have all been very supportive as well, and that means alot to me as well.



W7 Kiss Ink Matte Liquid Lipstick


A set of four matte Liquid Lipsticks which once again I got of my fabulous make up dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up). I will pop the links to her Facebook page and website below and I will also pop my discount code which you can use for 10% off your order.

These lipsticks come in a rectangle clear tube, with a black lettering,which means you can see the shade of the lipstick through. The lid which is black and has the W7 logo in White which bends over the corners. The clever thing is if you have 2 of these Kiss Ink Matte Liquid lipsticks you can put them together to form the logo.


Once you unscrew the lid, the applicator is like most liquid lipsticks a sponge applicator, which works best when you take of the excess amount before applying, the lipstick is very creamy looking and also has a very pleasant sweet smell of Vanilla, with a hint of Violets to it.

The shades I own are the following;

  • Forever + Ever
  • Stuck On You
  • Love You Long Time
  • Infinity + Beyond

When it comes to using the lipstick, they are easy to apply and the lipsticks are full of pigment and are absolutely stunning colours, they applied firstly wet and like a gloss but once you allow it to dry fully they dry matte and are long lasting or as they quote of the lipstick “Life-Proof”, but don’t they come off easily when removing your make-up no need to scrub your lips til they are raw (we have all been there).


Overall I am very impressed with this Matte liquid lipsticks, I am a huge fan when it comes to Matte anyway and to have a long-lasting matte liquid lipstick, in my eyes is a huge bonus as i much prefer liquid lipstick to normal ones these days as they are easily to apply to the go, and due to the nature of my busy lifestyle and always on the go these are prefect for me. they also have a good range of nudes to brighter colours so there is a lipstick for everyone.

These retail at a price of £5.95 each and I brought them from Catherine for £3ish, so why not check out her page or website via the links below you won’t be disappointed plus you can have a cheeky 10% off using my code- BECKI10

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Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks



A small collection of lipsticks that I got from my Make-Up Dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up), these were a small collection she had in stock which I took advantage of and brought to try, as I already own a couple of Rimmel lipsticks which I love and thought I would give these a try.

These lipsticks come in a quirky black slanted case with Rimmel engraved in the lid and then instead of the shade being shown at the end, there is a band of the shade where the lid and base connect to show the colour, I really like the design for these lipsticks they are funky while also keeping with Rimmel classic feel. On the other side of the lipstick you have the ingredients on a white sticker. You still get a sticker at the end of the lipstick showing the shade and the name of the shade along with the product code.


Once you take the lid off, and screw the lipstick up the lipstick are not quite the typical factory style, but still keeps with the slanted style but is more as a block then going up slanted on one side to a point. The scent of the lipsticks are fruity which helps as having a lipstick that smells isn’t something that you want to put on your lips. The 3 lipsticks I brought from Catherine are the following;

  • Call Me Crazy
  • Easy Does It
  • Under My Spell



When it comes to using the lipstick they are creamy and easy to use and the pigment is amazing they are full of colour and last quite a while. I’m a huge fan of Rimmel lipstick as they affordable and are of amazing quality. They have always impressed me with their ranges of colours as well and go from nudes all the way up to bright in your face ones, so there is a lipstick for everyone and they make a fab starter lipstick and a great addition to anyone’s make-up collection.

In conclusion these lipsticks are quirky with their design while also being classic and a fab product in anyone’s collection. They smell delicious and are full of pigment which lasts longer then most lipsticks and are affordable while also having an amazing collection of different shades. Rimmel lipsticks are in my personal opinion an amazing quality product.

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W7 Kiss Lipsticks- Matte


Another fab collection of lipsticks from my amazing make-up dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up). I will pop the links for her Facebook page and shop below the blog post.


These lipsticks come in a black tube with the W7 logo printed on the lid end and then the other end it is clear with the shade of the lipstick and on one side you have the list of ingredients and shade name. The design is classic and simple while also being informative with showing you the shade.


Once you take off the lid, and twist the lipstick up you are met with the classic slanted lipstick shape, with W7 formed at the top of the lipstick, which once you start using the lipstick will fade and doesn’t effect the use of the lipstick. In this collection I own 6 shades and they are the following;

  • Vampire Kiss
  • Tender Touch
  • Portifino
  • Damson
  • Naked
  • Capri


When it comes to using the lipsticks I found the texture to be creamy and soft, and found that they are full of pigment, the lipstick is easy enough to apply with the factory shaped slanted lipstick but i have found easier lipsticks to apply, but once applied and allowed to dry which is where the matte comes into it, I have found that it still feels slightly wet/creamy and doesn’t last long like most mattes, which does mean you do need to reapply it a few times.

Personally these lipsticks are fab, I’m a sucker for matte lipsticks and even though these don’t last long they are such a bargain for the quality that you get, plus the shades are really pretty and there is a shade for everyone. I haven’t been disappointed with a W7 product as of yet they are always making top notch products at affordable prices. Let me know what you personally think below as everyone has different views.

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W7 Metallic Mattes Lipsticks


Here we have a collection of lipsticks from W7, which yes you have guessed correctly I brought of my Make-Up Dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up), I will pop the links to her Facebook page and her shop below. I saw these on her shop and I knew I needed to try them and review them.

As far as I’m aware I have the whole collection which consist of 6 lipsticks in the following shades;

  • Neptune
  • SOS
  • Santorini
  • Apollo
  • All Aboard
  • Apple Pie

The lipsticks come in a black casing with “Metallic Mattes” in a metallic Gold written on the lid and at at the end you have a clear section which shows the shade through.


Once you take off the lid you are met with the classic lipstick shape of being sloped which is designed to help with ease of application, and you really do have a lovely mix of colours with a metallic edge to them.

When it comes to the texture they are creamy with applying and they are full of pigment, they are easy to apply but I have found other lipsticks to be easier to control, and have a different shape which makes applying easier then this factory shaped that most lipsticks are in. They dry matte and due to this they don’t transfer off as easily as normal lipstick does but compared to other W7 products they seem to come off alot quicker then other products I have tried.


The shades and effect of them being metallic are interesting and personally for me are not really my style as out of the 6, I only like 2 of the lipsticks but i feel this is also down to the fact i’m not one for nudes and prefer the bright colours. The 2 that I personally like are Neptune and Santorini and this is because they are bright and colourful compared to the rest which are all on a nude tone base.

So in conclusion these lipsticks are like all W7 products very good quality for the price, and they certainly do have a different appeal to the normal mattes or lipsticks you get with the metallic edge that they have, but for me personally they really aren’t something i would wear all the time and would only be used for creating looks or the 2 that I would wear would be on certain occasions. But as I said this is my personal opinion and I can’t say what everyone else would like, so why not give them a go and let me know.

These lipstick retail price at £4.45 each and I brought them from Catherine for £4

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Bratz Challenge

I’ve seen the craze go about on Instagram of the Bratz Challenge, I personally first thought it wasn’t something I would be into, but looking at some of the posts I was finding it hard to resist the challenge. So guess what………………….

I first went onto Google and did a search for Bratz dolls, as its been a few years since I had seen them, so my original search came up with the original Bratz dolls, but the problem I was having was that none of the dolls really looked like me (represent my look) which from the posts I have seen everyone are going for a doll which looks like them. I then remembered that they did a Bratzilla collection, so I changed my search on Google and finally found one with red hair which is what I was looking for.

The Bratzilla doll I went for is called Meygana, who character is a witch, where she has shocking red hair and somewhat of a edgy steampunk look about her.



When it came to creating her make-up look, I didn’t want to take it full doll look instead I made her look more human. I started with my eyes as to me that was the challenge for me as it involved me creating an almost cut crease look, which is very different for me to do, another part of her look which scared me was doing the eyeliner, as I’m not the most confident with doing it, but I surprised myself instead of using my liquid eyeliner, I tried out a felt tip pen style eyeliner, which I found I had more control over and able to apply my eyeliner with ease and without making a mess. I then moved onto doing my foundation and the little bit of blusher, as Meygana skin is very natural looking. I then define my eyebrows a little, but still kept them natural looking-(Something I don’t do). The last part to my Bratz inspired look was the lips, which to me is the easiest part especially due to the amount of shades I own, the only part I didn’t like was applying gloss, as that stuff is annoying for me personally due to my hair sticking to it.

Here is my finished look along side a close up of Meygana make-up.





Oh Why So Quiet!!!

Hey Guys

I need to apologise again, as I know I said I would be blogging alot more then I have been and unfortunately due to many things which I will tell you below I haven’t been able to, but this year I will try and do at least 2 blog posts a week and I will be starting my YouTube Live videos as well.

One of the main reasons for not blogging and being so quiet is due to my job, last September I was put forward into another role within the company, which has involved alot of hours and travelling in to learning a new role, which with it I have excelled and took on projects and tasks from all areas of the company, all I have done is keep pushing myself to exceed and secure my future and work my way up. I haven’t even been with the company a year and I am super proud of myself for how far I have come and will continue pushing myself to my best and increase my knowledge base within a role which I love.

The main reason for me throwing myself and making my career my focus is last year on the 26th November I was given the news that I wouldn’t be able to have children of my own due to being diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and explain majority of the pain I am in, but doesn’t explain all, so I will be going for exploratory surgery as well to see if they can discover if there is something else going on that they haven’t been able to see in the scans. While we are on the subject of my health, Christmas Eve I started throwing up, and since I have been unable to keep any hot food or anything down apart from salad and crackers, doctors have ran test, took blood and put me on numerous of different medicines, but still no clues so they are putting me forward for more scans and also to have a camera put down my throat. I have lost 2 stone since the 26th of November, so they are keeping a eye on my weight as well. So as you can see my health still sucks but I take everyday as it comes and keep pushing myself (just in my nature, I just don’t give up), so this is my main focus for putting my career first.

The final thing which I might of been feeling for a while, but didn’t act on anything was once again I felt like my marriage was falling apart again, with the news we received and me putting everything I could into my career, we starting fading and became to people who lived together and not a couple anymore. So we both came to the decision after speaking that it was best we split and remain good friends as I will never regret my marriage and we do know each other so well after nearly 9 years of being together. I moved out of the house yesterday (25/01/19) into a room in a shared house, which gives me the base for somewhere to save and focus on my career and myself.

Going forward I may be busy but I will try to do at least 2 blog posts week as well as 1 blog post a week on my airsoft blog, as well as start doing live videos on YouTube. Yes i may not always do it but i’m going to give it my best shot as I have missed blogging and I want to get back sharing my opinions on a passion and interest that I hold.


Here is to 2019 being another fantastic year.