Brush Techniques Make Up Brush Cleaning Spray


So I picked up at home bargains for £1 as I had seen everyone say it was an amazing product for the price, but I couldn’t believe it till I had tried it for myself. So I don’t know about everyone else but I’m really bad with cleaning my brushes, especially as I have so many and its usually very time consuming and then you still have to wait for the brushes to dry, so finding a quicker and easier way to clean my brushes I’m all for it and ready to sign.

So I have to be honest I was sitting down with my 8 set of brushes I currently own, kitchen roll and the cleaning spray and was thinking I’m in a long night but boy was I wrong. From the moment I sprayed my first brush you could see how easy it was to wipe away the built up product and end up with a clean and dry brush, it’s like the spray melts away the product and after a couple of sprays and wipe taa dah a nice clean brush.


Overall it took me half an hour to clean all my brushes and even on my own oval brushes, which usually take me ages to clean, it even made it a joy to clean my brushes, so from what is usually a few hours to clean and 24 hours to dry my brushes, this spray has reduced it down to half an hour for cleaning and drying. I am definitely more than impressed and have for certain found my new brush cleaner. Now don’t get me wrong I will be for sure using this as my main brush cleaner, but I will still be doing a deep clean at least every couple of months with my Freedom brush cleaner.

So after all the reviews, I have seen of this cleaning spray, I have to agree with them all this product is amazing and definitely does what it says on the bottle. It is quick and very effective and makes cleaning the brushes a joy, not a chore. I would highly recommend this product to anyone as it is fantastic.






Essence Must Haves Palette


So I have always wanted to get a z-palette and build my own eyeshadow palette, but what has been stopping me is the price for the empty palette and the mono eyeshadows, so when I came across the essence must-haves palette in my local Wilkos so I grabbed an empty palette and 8 mono eyeshadows.

The palette and eyeshadows are very affordable with the empty 8 palettes being £2 and the empty 4 palettes being £1.50, currently, Essence has 20 mono eyeshadows at £1.50 each, 5 mono blushers at £1.50 and 3 mono lip powders at £1.50 each as well they have a pink lip base for the lip powder, a highlighter, bronzer and a fixing powder all at £1.50 each. The palette couldn’t be more easy to use all you need to do is remove all the packaging off the mono-product and then by using the special click-mechanism to place them in the palette, plus you can move them about with ease to by just popping them out and clicking them back in again, so you have total control of your own personal palette.


So currently I just own an 8 must-haves palette, with the following 8 shades;

02- All I Need

06- Raspberry Frosting

07- Mauvie-Time

11-Stay in Coral Bay

12- Want a Mint

15- Have a Nice Day

17- Tiffunny

18- Black as a Berry

The eyeshadows are amazing quality for the price and are very pigmentated, they are easy to use and blend well so you can create many looks with just a few of the eyeshadows. I will be collecting the rest of the collections and building my Essence collection up. The palette in a whole is a very sleek design with its black base and clear acrylic lid so you can see your shadows through it, even the writing isn’t over-powering with it being in white and I love the fact that the “My” is in a different font to the other parts as it represents that the palette is unique to the individual who owns/design the palette.


I only have one negative thing about the must-haves palette which is that I wish they had more shades available, but due to this being a reasonably new product I think it’s down to essence wanting to see how it does first before bringing out more shades, well i hope this is the what the reason behind it is as I am definitely one who loves this product and honestly can’t wait to get my hands on more.

So, in conclusion, the Essence Must-Haves palette is for anyone who wants a unique palette suited to them and is affordable, this is for you. This palette is easy to use and is amazing quality it lets you show your style and personality as well as have everything you need in one palette which makes travelling easier as you no longer need to carry several products at once you only need the palette. As I said before I would love to see more shades released but apart from that I highly recommend this product.


I honestly can’t wait to try more from essence and will definitely be building my collection of products from them, as all their products are very affordable.




Kiko Milano Fall 2.0 Lipsticks


So as promised here is my blog review on the 2 Kiko Milano Fall 2.0 lipsticks I brought in my little haul when I discovered Kiko in Bristol.


The 2 Kiko lipsticks I own are Shade 02-Modern Mauve and Shade 03-Red Generation. The lipsticks come in the same colour box as the foundation, blue with the gold and blue dots on a navy background along with the gold lettering. Just as I said before the colour collaboration really does suit the Fall 2.0 theme that the collection is all about. The Lipsticks are in a navy tube with raised dots pattern all over, the lids are magnetic so no fear that the lid will come off and ruin your lipstick, at the end of the lipstick is a sticker of the colour and the information of shade and collection, Once you take the lid off it reveals a gold tube with “Kiko Milano” printed in black on it.


The lipstick itself smells divine and smells “good enough to eat” with its sweet scent. They are creamy and glide on easily, the colour pigmentation in them is so rich and full. They are easy to use with any tool from a brush, your finger and even to the lipstick itself, thanks to the amazing design team at Kiko the actual canister holding the lipstick is cut at an angle, which means unlike other lipsticks the shape of the lipstick never changes and makes it easier to apply for every lip shape. The lipsticks drys matte and last all day the added bonus is once it’s fully dried it doesn’t transfer or smudge, which means a mess-free lipstick, but don’t worry its easy to remove at the end of the day with either a make up remover wipe or face wash.


So my personal opinion and conclusion on the 2 fall 2.0 lipsticks I own are they are amazing and I just can’t get enough of the colours, smells and the fact that they don’t budge and leaving you to having to re-apply your lipstick every 5 minutes. These lipsticks were a huge investment in my make up collection, and I definitely want to own more and build my collection. The link to this lipstick is down below, let me know what you think.


Kiko Milano Fall 2.0 Lipstick Link-




Kiko Milano Fall 2.0 Foundation


Sorry guys for the very late blog review on the foundation I got on my Bristol trip at finding Kiko Milano and the purchases. It has been very stressful in my life and now with me currently having health issues I haven’t got round to uploading my review on this amazing foundation, as well as other blog posts on the other fab products I got.

As I mention in my blog post on discovery Kiko Milano with buying this foundation, the store manager was amazing with recommending products, as well as finding the right match of shade in the foundation for my skin, which as I mention before is very hard for me as I can never seem to find a shade without it either being too light or too dark.


The foundation comes in a glossy blue box with the fall 2.0 design pattern which is gold and blue dots on a dark navy background, the lettering is in gold, the colour collaboration really go well with the fall 2.0 feel as I feel the gold represents the golden colour of the leafs and the navy blue represents that the days are getting shorter and is getting darker quicker. The foundation comes in a glass container with a navy lid with Kiko Milano in gold printed on top. It also comes with a small foundation brush, which also holds the same colour collaboration of colours of the navy blue and gold even the bristles have been dip-dyed in the navy blue colour. The bristles are soft and have been cut at an angle.


The shade of foundation is Warm Beige (15). This foundation is a dream to use it is a cream foundation which drys as a matte foundation, the coverage it provides is buildable so you can have light to full coverage depending on how much you build your foundation. As the bristles are cut at an angle it helps achieve a flawless look by making sure all areas of your face is covered, while giving you an even coverage.


So as a summary of the Kiko Milano Fall 2.0 foundation, is it’s an amazing creamy foundation which gives you the option to create a buildable light to full matte coverage base while being able to stand your everyday lifestyle. I would highly recommend this foundation if you are happy to spend a bit more on a good quality product, which will last you ages, as you really don’t need to apply alot. So please check out Kiko Milano with the link for their website and product down below.

Kiko Website Link-

Fall 2.0 Foundation Link-





W7 Liquid Eyeliner


So I ordered the W7 Liquid Eyeliner from the fabulous Catherine over at Cosmetic Corner (link at bottom of blog), so it’s something I wouldn’t normally buy as I’m not someone who is one for wearing eyeliner, as well I’m not that good at applying it and usually make a hot mess with it and get easily annoyed with it.

The design of the eyeliner is so very sleek, whilst being simple with it’s black and silver collaboration of colours. The design of the eyeliner bottle is like a “flower bulb” ready to be planted to grow some more W7 products. It has a lovely long handle/wand that is made to fit in your hand while being light and easy to move and use.


When I used it for the first time I was definitely scared, as I was so sure it was going to go all pear shape and look like a total disaster, mess and more panda eyes then glam, but I took a deep breath and took my time with applying it, and thanks to the long style wand/handle I felt I had more control and room to apply it was ease. I feel I did a very good first attempt with the eyeliner and created a very crisp, clean-ish line. So I continued to practices with it and got alot more confident in applying and created much crisper and cleaner lines. I was also able to create the one look I have struggled with for ages, which is the winged eyeliner look.


The nib of the eyeliner is made of foam which helps absorb the liquid and is in the shape of a teardrop, so you have a fine and thick point to help create numerous looks from fine detail to bold thick lines.

I’m so happy I took a chance on the W7 Liquid Eyeliner and brought this amazing eyeliner off Catherine, as I’ve never been happier to find an eyeliner that I’ve been happy and actually enjoy using.  In conclusion, this amazing liquid eyeliner is easy to use, while being affordable for everyone but is amazing quality. I would highly recommend this eyeliner to anyone from an amateur just starting out to a fully experienced make up artist. So please check out Catherine’s page & shop and buy one and let me know what you think.

Cosmetic Corner Facebook Link-

Cosmetic Corner Shop Page Link-





Health Issues

So since the 7th September, I woke up to throwing up and in agonizing pain and since then my health has been deteriorating further. I have had countless doctors appointments,ambulances and hospital appointments,where I have had numerous amounts of tests and examinations done and still no further with answers to why I am in so much pain.

So I have had constant pain in my left side of my abdomen, and now has spread to the pain feeling like it is in my bones and I ache and pain all over, I am confined to the sofa with a hot water bottle and pain killers which don’t take the pain away but make me very drowsy, I am unable to move some days because the pain is that intense. It feels like someone is constantly stabbing me with a red hot poker. I hardly have a appetite and when I do have one I’m scared it won’t stay down, as I went 6 days where no food stay down. On good days where I try to ignore the pain and get on with it I can hardly walk anywhere without getting out of breath, I am also unable to walk my normal speed and walk like I’m in my 80s, I have to hold on to object to help keep me upright to help me walk, I also get dizzy spells so have to hold on to objects again to prevent me from falling over. I am forever drained and tired and just don’t have any energy or strength in me.

I have had many different diagnoses from menstrual cramps to urine affections, which as I know my body I knew it was none of these due to the fact I am still in this pain, there must be an underlying problems somewhere but no one is doing anything, and as quoted by one of the many doctors I have seen “I’m a mystery” I don’t want to be a mystery I want to feel better and not in pain.

I have lost my job due to not being able to stand all day without being in pain or state d without help, as well due to the amount of time I have had off for being ill and personal reasons and I was still in my probation. I feel like I am a let down to everyone as I am unable to do anything and they have to do everything for me or help me with tasks that were easy for me before I got ill, I am very grateful for it but I am also fed up now of feeling like this and wish someone would just listen to me when I say I know something not right and run further tests to find out what is going on with my body and help me get better.

With me being ill I have also lost a tonne of weight and had a major breakput, which is also due to the amount of stress I have been under for these past few months, which could also be one of the reasons for my health issues. I lost my beloved uncle In July after his battle with cancer, and I still haven’t been able to mourn him properly, due to a few reasons of; I have been the rock for my family so have kept strong for them, as well every time I start to mourn my uncle I stop myself, but I also had personal things going on which I had to concentrate on, with everything I have had and currently going on I have had a breakdown due to locking up all my emotions and feelings for years they all finally exploded sending my head into haywire, where even my own instincts are telling me to do something which isn’t right but because I am so messed up right now I think it’s the right thing.

So currently I am focusing on my health and getting better and spending time with my family, who are helping me get back on the straight and narrow and helping me with my recovery, which we all know won’t be overnight but I have all the support there for me to get there. I am also focusing on my blog and instagram to help distract me from the pain and give me another positive thing to help me.

Thanks for all the support



Another BMX Inspired Make Up Look

So I went and did another BMX inspired make up look, this time it was my step sons BMX, which is another Mafia BMX but this one has a blue frame, handle bars and forks with white and black tyres, pedals and seat.


I started with my eyes again for my eye look I used MUA Tropica Oceania Palette and used the first 2 blue shades in the palette, I then used Barry M liquid eyeliner to create another winged look, but I then applied the blue on top of the eyeliner to create a subtle eye look. I then used PS false lash effect mascara to just make my own lashes look fuller and thicker to give the effect of false lashes, this was to represent the black details on the BMX.

I then moved onto my face where I used Barry M colour correct primer in green to help remove the redness on my face, the foundation I used for this look was N’7 Stay Perfect in Calico. I didn’t do any contouring I just used W7 Cheeky Chaps Blusher to give my face a little colour and shimmer.

For my lips, I got very creative, as I didn’t own a blue lipstick so instead I used Freedom pro correct palette and applied the highlighter to my lips, then using an eyeshadow brush I used the same blue eyeshadows from MUA Tropica Oceania Palette and applied it on top of the creamy highlighter to create a matte/shimmer blue lipstick, then using the highlighter again I applied a little in the middle of my lips to add some depth and to keep with the white details on the BMX.

So that was my make up look inspired by my step son’s Mafia BMX.





BMX Inspired Make Up Look

I decided to do a make up look inspired by my husband BMX bike, which is a Mafia BMX bike, which has a green metallic frame, pink stickers, and black wheels, handlebars, seat, and forks.


So I started with my eyes I used 3 eyeshadow palette which was the following; MUA Tropical Oceana, Kiko Active Fluo and Makeup Revolution Mermaids Forever and used a mixture of the green shades in each of the palettes to achieve my green eyes, I then moved on to doing a winged eyeliner look for the first time without any tape, I achieved it first time so was very pleased with myself, I used Barry M liquid eyeliner, then I used essence lash princess mascara to extend my own lashes to the full.

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I then moved onto my face, because at the moment I’ve been very worried about my health and stressed out I have an outbreak of spots, so I used Barry M colour correct primer in green, I also used W7 Go Corrective concealer in green to help erase the redness from my spots. For my foundation, I used N’7 Beautifully Matte in Calico. I then moved onto doing a little bit of contouring using PS contour queen crayons using all 3 crayons and blending them in to add some depth to my face, I also used technic mega bronze to add some shimmer and highlight and ended with using a blusher from Makeup revolution blush palette.

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The last part of my look to do was my lips and for my lips, I used W7 metallic lipstick in Santorini as it was a pink to go with the stickers on my husband’s BMX.

That was my look which was inspired by my husband’s BMX.






W7 Delicious Palette


So thanks to the lovely Catherine over at Make Me Up (link at bottom of blog), I got my hands on W7 newest palette called Delicious.

So first thing first usually W7 palettes are in metal tins, this is the first palette for eyeshadows that is a magnetic cardboard palette. The palette is very pretty to look at and admire with its pink frosting pattern, and white and gold lettering. On the back you have the ingredients as well as a picture of the 14 eyeshadows and the colours that the palette holds, the shadows are natural and berry shades.

Inside the palette, you are met with 14 gorgeous eyeshadows which are a mixed of matte and shimmer, just as the palette says they are natural and berry in shade. You also have a dual ended eyeshadow brush with a blender and brush. the lid holds a mirror so you are able to take the palette with you wherever you go and apply your eyeshadow, as well as your whole, make up look as you have a mirror right there instead of having to carry one about.


So let’s talk about the gorgeous shadows they go light to dark. These shadows are seriously so pretty and full of pigment that you will never get bored of using them and creating different looks. You can create many looks from the 14 shades from every day to that night look. Your creations are endless and I have had so much fun with creating different looks with this palette.

I am so impressed with W7 cosmetics as their products are simply amazing and are so affordable, they are definitely in my top 5 for make up brands. Thanks to Catherine for supplying me with this brand, as currently, I have every W7 palette that is out and I can’t wait to collect everything else, which Catherine will admit I have a good collection of W7 so far, so watch out for another order coming your way soon.

So, in conclusion, the delicious palette is simply a palette which is gorgeous and full of 14 stunning shades which you can use to create endless looks for all occasions. You won’t be disappointed by this palette, so why not go check out Catherine page/shop and pop an order in for it and you never know what other goodies you will find to try.


Make Me Up Facebook Link-

Shop Link-




My Make-Up Collection So Far………..

So the other night my hubby dared me to do a bed spread of all the make up I owned, as I had just received an order I made with Catherine at Make Me Up. So I took him up on his dare, the only problem was that due to personal family problems all my make up was in several places and I had the job of trying to find it all.

Well after about an hour I tracked down most of my make up, the job now was to sort the pile that had formed on the bed into an organized make up bed spread so after about another half hour, I finally had all my make up laid out on the bed ready to take a picture.

I have to say I thought I owned more than what I have, and while I was taking the picture, I turned to my hubby and said “I don’t own enough, I need more” where my hubby’s response was “I agree you need more”, so here to adding to my collection. My step-son came and had a look at my bed spread and said I need to go to “MA” when asked what he meant by MA his response was “Make up Annonmous” which did make laugh.

I am a make up addict and I am proud to be as I love make up and have a huge passion and of course I want more I will always want more, as there is always new products and brand coming out and I always want to get my hands on it to try and review, as well as to be able to add it to my collection.

So here the picture of my make up bed spread for you all to see.