Another Amazing Haul

I also did another amazing haul from who I call my make-up supplier and also someone who has become a good friend, Catherine who runs her own make-up business ( I will pop the links at the end of the blog for you)

Catherine got some new stock in and of course me being me I snapped it up straight away and brought everything that was new and that I didn’t own already. Catherine will tell you herself but I simply buy everything she has in stock and I will always do this, she runs an amazing business which is super affordable while providing top quality products.

If you don’t believe me, why don’t you follow the links below after reading and check out her page and shop and check out her fantastic products and why not give her a like and follow. She holds some amazing competitions as well and offers great deals there is always something for everyone and she is always getting new products in.


The products I bought from the amazing Catherine are the following;

  • Mermaid Brushes
  • Technic Rainbow Highlighter
  • Technic Mega Sultry Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Technic Mega Sultry 2 Eye-Shadow Palette
  • X5 Technic Liquid Lipsticks
  • W7 Camouflage Kit
  • W7 Legend Foundation
  • W7 Genius Foundation
  • W7 Prismatic 3D Highlighters
  • W7 Saved By The Gel Concealer
  • W7 Aragon Eyes Mascara
  • X3 W7 Liquid Lipsticks
  • X6 NYX Lipsticks
  • NYX Liquid Lipstick
  • Popfeel Eye-Shadow Palette
  • ABH Liquid Lipstick
  • Music Flower Mascara.

These products are amazing and I can’t wait to blog about them for all you to read.

Here are the links to Catherine’s Pages and shop.

Facebook Page-

Shop Link-






Birthday- Superdrug Haul


From my last post you would have seen that I went to Superdrug and bought a bag full of make-up products, these products were a mix of items that had come out that I really wanted to get my hands on as well as a few products that were new that I wanted to try and review.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a nightmare in Superdrug I go in for a few things and then come out with a bag full of products, what can I say I really do have a problem with make-up products (actually no I don’t it’s my passion and hobby I will never stop and it feels amazing to own such a spectacular collection)


The products that I bought were the following items;

  • Freedom Lip Palette- The Red Collection
  • MUR Soph  Eye-Shadow Palette
  • MUR Flawless 4 Eye-Shadow Palette
  • MUR Love Conquers All Palette (Free Gift)
  • MUR Retro-Luxe Matte Lip Kit- Queen
  • MUR Retro-Luxe Matte LIp Kit- Grandee
  • MUR Contour Kit for Fair Skin
  • MUR Rainbow Highlighter
  • I Heart Make-Up Mermaid’s Heart
  • I Heart Make-Up Dragon’s Heart
  • I Heart Make-Up Unicorn’s Heart
  • Maybelline The Nudes Eye-Shadow Palette
  • Maybelline The Burgundy Bar Eye-Shadow Palette

All these products are simply amazing and are affordable for everyone, this is why I love drugstore products so much plus they are amazing quality while being affordable for everyone. You really don’t need to spend a fortune to own top quality products.

All I will say for now is I have had a play with a few bits and love them already, so watch out for the future blog posts on these amazing products. If you own any of these why not comment below on what you think, as I love hearing other opinions on products that I have and have reviewed.




My 26th Birthday


My birthday was the 22nd of February, I had the most amazing day I received lots of cards and messages and lots of amazing presents.

I received two amazing Chamilia charms from my grandparents, which were a letter A and a heart charm, where my grandad got Uncle engraved on it for me, so now I have angel wings, first letter of his name and a custom uncle charm to have on my bracelet to always remember him by.


I received money from my family which I put towards new clothes and new makeup so watch for new blogs to come about the new products I picked up.


Then I also had a birthday surprise which was to see Wicked at Bristol Hippodrome, which was amazing and took my breath away and was the best experience ever.


My hubby had got me a few early birthday presents prior to my birthday which you would have seen from one of my previous blogs, but he has told me there is more to come so I am excited to see what that is and once I know I will let you all know.

I truly had the most amazing birthday ever and will never forget it, here is to being 26 and now all I can say is I’m looking forward to my 27th next year.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday unforgettable and truly amazing.




Goody Box


20180214_202535I received a package from Jenny a friend of mine back in Cambridgeshire, who had contacted me saying she had started to get an obsession for make-up and had some products that weren’t really for her and wondered if I would be interested in them rather then her throwing them away. I replied saying I loved the thought and would love them if she was sure, so I sent Jenny my address and they were sent the next day.

Once it arrived I was shocked at the amount that was in the box and of all the fabulous products which were enclosed.  The products I received were;

  • MUR- Love the Revolution Palette
  • P.S Berry Eyeshadow Palette
  • NYC Skin Matching Foundation
  • NYX Stay Matte Powder Foundation-Nude Beige
  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara ( Tester)
  • KIKO Eyeshadow-Shade 146
  • N’7 Midnight Lash Mascara
  • Eylure Brow Ink Liner
  • The Body Shop Lash Hero Mascara- Texas Topaz
  • Maybelline Brow Tint- Light Brown
  • Bellapierre Loose Pigment Eyeshadows in Earth & Snow Flake
  • Tanya Burr Lipglosses in Berry Pavlova, Christmas Stocking & Candy Cane
  • Tanya Burr Glitter Liners in Ice Crystals & Treasured
  • Tanya Burr Eye Shimmer Pots- Champagne Sparkle & Snow Day


I am so thankful for every little thing and even more so for the thought of me. I love everything in the box and I truly can’t wait to have a play with everything as well as blog about it so all of you can read about the products as well. Jenny thank you for everything it was indeed very thoughtful of you and I feel truly blessed.

I just want to share with you Jenny’s Instagram name as her feed is amazing so I would appreciate it if you could go give her a follow. Jenny has the most amazing personal style, an amazing baker and her dogs are just the cutest while all be the most amazing person with a kind heart.

Jenny Instagram name is jennyjenjen_0





Early Beauty Birthday Presents

I have been wanting to write this blog post for a while, but unfortunately, I have been waiting to receive the last part before I could go any further. This blog post is about a few beauty products I have received from my hubby for my birthday early.

My birthday is the 22nd of February but due to having family coming and they have organized a surprise, Shaun wanted to do something for me before, so that is why he got me a few make-up palettes and some new make up brushes.

The products that he got me where; W7 Blazin palette, W7 on the rocks palette, W7 London eyes palette and Real Techniques core brushes. The palettes have been on my list since they have come out and I have always wanted some Real techniques brushes and I can finally say I own some, I know I’m late to the game.

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All I can say is the products are lush and the shades are divine and I can’t wait to play with them to create lots of different looks, plus it also means that my W7 collection is growing well and I can’t wait to continue with gaining more products.

So as you can see my hubby knows me well, as we all know I am a make up addict so that’s not new to anyone but, to the fact that he knew what I wanted and didn’t have, shows how much he supports me in my ever-growing make up collection.

So watch out for the further blogs to come on the amazing early presents i got.




January’s Favourites


January I didn’t really wear much make-up as I was letting my skin fully recover after my serious breakout, so apart from when I was messing about with make up, these were my January favorite if not essential items I was using during January.

My top item in my January favorites is Maybelline Baby Lips, due to the cold weather this lip balm has been my lifesaver to prevent my lips from getting dried and chapped, from where I was in and out of a hot to the cold environment.


My next item in my January Favourites is my mascara from essence as I could never leave the house without at least mascara on, this mascara is their Lash Princess Mascara, it is my favorite mascara out of all I own and it really does help define and brighten the look of my eyes.


Another January favorite for me was my Garnier micellar water just to purify my skin and remove all the dead skin and dirt from my skin just to keep my skin from breaking out.


My last item of my January favorites was for my hair as due to the cold weather just shampoo and conditioner isn’t enough to keep my hair strong, so I was using Schwarzkopf essence ultimate omega repair BB Beauty Balm 7 in 1 hair treatment, just to provide my hair with protection as well as putting the hydration and shine back into it and just generally keep it healthy.


As I said at the start I really didn’t use many products in January, simply for the cold weather and from being ill was playing havoc on my skin and I just wanted it to fully get better before putting make-up back on, plus die to working is a dusty warehouse there just wasn’t any point in putting any make up on.

So I hope you have enjoyed my January’s favorite items, and here is to February’s favorite items which will involve alot more items due to starting a new job as well as being my birthday month. So keep your eyes peeled at the end of February for that blog post.






I’m Still Alive………


So I owe you all an apology, I said in my goals that I would be trying to post a blog each day, but my life got a bit crazy with returning back to work and was working an odd shift of 2pm-10pm and by the time I returned home and had food all I honestly wanted to do was to chill out and then go to bed just to repeat it over again the next day. Once the weekend came round, I tried to do at least one but it was a struggle as In also had the cleaning, washing, and shopping to get done.

With that said……..

I have just got a brand new job starting Monday where my hours are more suitable for me to be able to blog most days, I will be working from 10am-6pm, I am super excited and personally, I feel this will make it easier for me to stay on top of my blog as well as Instagram.

This month is also my birthday month, and I have received a few early birthday gifts,(watch out for a blog to follow) but I do know one thing the day of my birthday I have off work as an extra day of holiday, and on that day  I also have a surprise that all I know is I won’t be at home much and it won’t be an early night, so I  definitely have no clue what it is, so I am counting down the days until my birthday.

So watch this weekend for new blogs coming on lots of different items, what my early gifts are and also my January favorite items.

Thank you



W7 Souffle Mascara


Here we have another fab W7 product which once again I got from the fabulous Catherine over at Make Me Up (Katie’s Cosmetic Corner). I bought this mascara to try because the one thing I can’t leave the house without is mascara, so I am always on the hunt for new mascaras.

This mascara comes in a dark turquoise tube with purple lettering, on the back of the tube you will find information and ingredients of the product. The tube is chunky and the handle of the applicator/ wand you will find the W7 embossed at an angle at the end.

Once you unscrew and pull out the wand, the wand is chunky and the bristles are all the same size, and they do not form a point at the end like some mascara you can get, all the bristles are genuinely coated with the mascara, you just need to remove the excess at the end of the wand to avoid making a mess when applying to your lashes.


When it comes to using the mascara I was a bit wary of using such a big wand, but it was easy to use and it seems to catch all my lashes and extend them giving them a more volume and longer look. It also helps makes my eyes look wider and full of life, just by coating my lashes in mascara. as to me, my eyes are my best feature so I always try to feature them.


I was personally impressed with this mascara as for the price the quality you got is outstanding, it really did extend my lashes and give them more volume. This isn’t the best mascara in my collection but it is a close 2nd/3rd place in my collection. This W7 mascara like all W7 products is most certainly of high quality and never seems to disappoint me with always making products that I want to own and try and add to my already ever-growing W7 make up collection.


Make Me Up Link-

Shop Link-




Essence Lash Princess Mascara


This mascara was the first product I bought from essence to try as a brand, I came across essence in my local Wilkos and was instantly in love with the packaging with its bright colours and cute detail, then I noticed how affordable the brand was and thought this is straight up my street as I love finding new affordable brands to try and review, and then if I love their products I will start a collection.

This mascara comes in a cute shape black tube with pastel green lettering, on the back of the tube you will find the information and ingredients about the product. The lid for the applicator wand has a cute heart and lace detail in pastel green but the best bit about it is that the detail is in rubber which helps keep the grip of the wand and from it slipping and making a mistake. The detail is really cute and suits the princess theme with the heart, crown and lacing.


Once your ready to use the mascara the wand’s bristles are shaped in a slight cone shape, so it’s quite small at the end and gets bigger upwards. The wand really does help catch every single lash and helps to lengthen it as well and giving your lashes an even coat of mascara. Once all your lashes are coated it gives them a false eyelash look at providing length and volume, while them just being your very own lashes. The wand makes doing your lashes easy as the grip on the handle stop it from slipping and sliding about while the bristle catches every lash in ever sweep.


This has become my favourite mascara and the one I will always go for first, as this really is everything I want in a mascara plus more. My lashes are super cute and look super long and full. I don’t make a mess with this mascara either which is always an amazing thing as we all know how hard getting that bit of mascara off that we have accidentally got on our skin and then it ruins the look you have spent time doing. Another great thing about this product is the price, once used its super affordable to replace it.

Thanks to this great product from Essence, I have started buying other Essence products to try and review as this mascara was just simply amazing.

So, in conclusion, this mascara is an amazing product, which offers you full volume and length with your own lashes without wearing false lashes. You get amazing quality at an affordable price. You really will not be disappointed with this fab mascara, why not give it a go and let me know what you think.






W7 Brow Sweep Grooming Crayon


Here we go with another fab W7 product which once again came from the lovely Catherine over at Make Me Up (Cosmetic Corner), Like with all the other blog reviews I do for these fabulous beauty products that I get from Catherine I will pop the links below to her page and her shop, please do stop by and give her a like and check out her shop.

So I got this brow crayon just to give it a try and review as personally for me I don’t do my eyebrow as they are very full and in my eyes when I do my eyebrows I just look stupid. This crayon has kind of change my perspective on eyebrow products, but I still look stupid when I do them that will never change.

This eyebrow pencil comes like a crayon, black with white lettering, a clear lid and then on the end a band in the colour of brow pencil. The shade of my brow pencil is light brown, as my eyebrow colour is a light brown, saying that though this pencil is still too dark for my eyebrows. The only thing which is different from alot of beauty pencils is instead of using a sharpener you twist the end to get more of the product.


The texture of the brow crayon is creamy but not creamy to the point where it is so soft that you end up making a mess because it just falls apart, the brow pencil stays together in its form while being easy to apply and create your define precise eyebrow look. It is easy to use with being in a point which helps create those lines that are needed to create the perfect define eyebrows. Once applied it is easy to blend out to give your eyebrows a more natural look, then false painted on look.


Once applied and you have created your eyebrow look, the brow crayon is very durable and last all day and doesn’t smudge giving you a messy look, but don’t worry it will come off easily with your make up remover and you don’t need to scrub at it meaning no bright red patches where you have scrub and scrub to remove it.

In conclusion, I personally feel this brow crayon makes doing your eyebrows alot easier which lasts all day and comes off easily with your make-up remover. Unfortunately, I don’t feel this product is for me as like I have said I just look stupid with my eyebrows filled in, but that doesn’t mean it’s not for you.

Make me up link-

Shop link-