PopFeel Glitter Palettes


Hey everyone, back with another fab beauty products from my make up dealer Catherine from My Cosmetic Corner ( Make Me Up), this time I am back with 3 products from PopFeel, and they are Body & Face Glitter Palettes. Please join her group on Facebook and have a look at her online shop.

These palette come in a Black cardboard box, with White Lettering with a firework of colours behind, once you open up the box you find the palettes, they come in a matte Black plastic palette white White lettering, on the back you will find the ingredients that were used in making of the product. You will also have the number of the palette on the back of the palette.


Once you open up the palettes you will find 6 circles and each contain a different colour chunky glitter, the gliiter aren’t loose they have been made into a easy to use creamy spreadable forumla, this is fantastic because it makes it mess free and easy to use on all parts of your body and face.


The pigment of the glitter are very rich and defined, this is when its transferred from palette via your finger, you can also apply them with a brush and you still get brilliant results, and you only need a small amount, they are buildable and also you can apply them on top of other products easily.

I personally love glitter, but I dont really use it in my make up looks, unless I’m doing a special effect or dressing up and adding that little bit of glam, but then its usually just shimmer. That doesn’t mean that what everyone else is like, I know others who like adding glitter to their looks, so these would be great in their collections. I do have to say that for a brand thats not well known these are affordable but of high quality and with the miminal classy design of the palette it meant that the actual glitters are better of others that I have tried.

These cost me about £4 each from Catherine and can retail at £5 on other sites.




Spoonie Box- November Box


I recieved my second spoonie box, for November this month’s theme was sleep, and contained items which are to help with sleep. As every spponie knows sleep can be hard, so anything that can help we will try.

The box arrived in the recycled, recycable cardboard box, with Spoonie Box written in Black lettering, also has Black wavy lines on the side along with the website address. The box is then sealed with a white sticker.


Once you break the seal and open up the box you will find Orange and Gold recycled, recycable packing paper, which inside protected you will find November’s newsletter, a letter from a fellow spoonie and the 4 full sized products that are all sleep relevant to go with the theme.


The 4 items in the November box are the following;

  • Heath & Heather Organic Night Time Tea
  • Beary Quiet Premium Sonar Silicone Ear Plugs
  • Anatomicals “Crusin for a Snoozin” Sleep Mask
  • Made by Coopers Apothecary Sleepyhead Room & Pillow Spray Mist

I’m excited to try these items, as I don’t sleep very well myself at all and usually struggle to either get to sleep and stay asleep once I have fallan alseep. I’m hoping that the items that have come in November sleep theme box, used together will provide me with some restful and good amount of sleep.

The spoonie box is great value and is a fantastic pick me up every month for those who suffer with an chronic illness, the items you recieve are never the same, unlike some subscription boxes and all the items are full sized and are relevant to the theme of the box, plus all items that yo receive are there to help make living with your condtion just that little bit more easier.

You can subscribe for yourself or for someone else or even buy an one-off box to try or to give as an gift. I can say one thing this box would definitely bring an smile to their or yourself face. The price of the box is £33.29 with P&P and you can subscribe or buy one from Here.




BeYou Patches- Subscription


Hey everyone, so if you have been following my bog you will know that I suffer with agonising abdoman pain and back pain from my chronic illness Endometriosis and PCOS, so I am always on the look out for products that will help ease my symptoms, even just a little bit, thats when I found BeYou a company that helps with period cramps with natural ingredients, a little of research I found they help others who suffer with Endo pain, so I got them to try and here is what I think to them and the results for me.

The patches come in a resealable long rectangle packet, the design is the Teal shade with a White strip with Blue lettering, then underneath it shows how many patches it contains and there is, an image of a woman wearing one of the patches. On the back of the packet list the ingredients, instructions and a little about BeYou.


The Patches look like a plaster and are very strong smelling, this is down to the natural ingredients that are infused into the strips, the ingredients used are the following;

  • Methol (Satva Pudina) 10%
  • Eucalyptus Oil 5%

The Patches are easy to apply, you just peel off the protective liners, then place it over the pain affected area. After a while you will feel the patch taking affect with a warming/cooling sensation, that tingers and helps ease the pain. The patches last fr around 10 hours for myself but can last up to 12 hours.


I use these when I’m travelling, as well for days when I know I will be out all day without access to my hot water bottle, these have become an essential item for me, to where myself and partner have a monthly subscription, where each month I recieved a total of 10 strips, to help me through the month ahead. The subscription is £4.99 for 5 strips a month which is such an amazing affordable price for something which has personally become a lifesaver for me and makes living with my illness just that little bit easier.

I highly recommend these strips for anyone who suffers with cramps, back pain and abdominal pain.




MeriBee Me- The Self-Care Subscription Box


Hey Everyone, so I found another self-care subscription box, this time from another fellow spoonie Laura, with her own company which she made called MeriBee Me. Laura designs and create the boxes each month all with a different theme, she also offers Lite versions, Teen boxes and Special boxes.


October’s Box theme was Spoonie, which is what we call ourselves for all that suffer with an incurable, invisible illnesses it was theory which was made to help explain what it feels like to live with an incurable illness.

In October’s box were the following items;

  • October’s Newsletter
  • Spoonie Card
  • Spoonie Sticker
  • Spoonie Keyring
  • Spoonie Necklace
  • Cloud Magnetic Corkboard
  • Be Brave Stone
  • Rabbit Pillow

The boxes are always worth more than what you pay for them. Laura also makes sure there is a good mixture of products, and are all items that will benefit and help, while providing a pick me up. The price of the subscription is £26.50 + P&P, the price is a great price and the total value of the box is at least double of that.


I absolutely love the October box, this was a great first box to receive with the theme and products inside, I will use everything that came with it. The love and dedication that goes into each box, shows how passoniate Laura is about her business but also her customers, where she has made a support group for all that have brought a box to join, the group is a big family who are there for each other and truly understand how you feel and what your going through. This is dedication through and through.

I look forward  to receiving my November Box

Want one or know someone who needs a little pick me up, Click here for the website




W7 Strobe Time! Palette


I’m back with another W7 product which I got from the lovely Catherine over My Cosmetic Corner ( Make Me Up), you need to check out her amazing company whcih she has built from the ground up and is the most amazing person and has become such an amazing friend. Check out her Facebook Page and her Shop you won’t be disappointed.

This palette comes in a black case, with 4 circular clear plastic which show the shades through, then around those is a ring of Gold and in the top right circle is the W7 logo in Gold along with Strobe Time! in gold at the bottom, on the back of the palette you will find the name of the palette which is It’s Glow Time and you will also find the ingredients that were used to make the palette.


Once you open the palette, you will find the 4 highlighting/strobing powders in large circles, they are very neautral & pink tones, these aren’t over-powering and would make a great addition to any make up kit from beginner to a MUA. They are a nice size as well which means that you can use a blusher brush with them without any problems.


The shadows when it comes to using, have a high pigment in them, so the shimmer really does come through but the amazing thing is that its subtle and can be built on to create your desired look. They catch the light nicely and they also blend well so can be used all over your face to create a numerous amounts of different looks.

In conclusion this palette is of a good size for when it comes to applying with brushes, i do feel though that the palette is too big to take while your travelling, the colours are very pretty and aren’t overpowering, but you can build it up to create more drastic and striking looks. As the shades are neutral its means that there is a colour for everyone, and makes a great additon to your make up collection.




New Treatment Plan


Hey Everyone

I’m back with an update for you all, I have finally got a treatment plan from my specialist, I was given 3 options to choose from and those options where the following;

  1. Keep my implant and look at pain management and new medicines
  2. Remove my implant and have the hormonal coil put in
  3. Start a drug-induced Menopause

I ruled out number 2 straight away, as I know that it doesn’t help me, we then decided with my specialist after asking alot of question and going home to have a long chat and think about it, that I would go with the number 3 as the main treatment and also get referred to pain managment clinic.


The reason I went for number 3 was because my specialist said this would help to indentify if it is just Endometrosis or if something else is going on, because medically inducing my menpause will help alot with the pain and should bring it down alot, and help me for at least a couple of years. For those who don’t know why and how this will help, what they will be doing each month is adminstraing a mixture of drugs and hormones via injections and oral, and this will trick my body in thinking that my “Body Clock” has reached it’s time and my reporductive organs will in other words be turned off so I am no longer ovulating, which because Endos is tissue like the lining of the uterus, and when I shred my lining it sticks to other parts of my body and when it tries to shred it has no where to go but back in my body and just causes internal bleeding ad brusing and agonising pain, with the drug induced menopause my body will no longer be doing that and I won’t be having periods, it others words I am pressing the pause button on my body for a while to try and find an treatment plan which will work, as well and to detect if anything else is going on that needs to be investigated.  I also went for this option because its not permement ( Well not yet who knows what will happen), so still gives me options in the future.

How do I feel about this, well I wont lie I am scared as no one knows how exactly my body will respond, all they know is it will be a tough couple of month at the start for my body physically and mentally. I also know that I will contiune to feel very tired and drained and have symptons of that of someone going through menopause. I also scared that it won’t work so it will be more appointments and tests to find out what else is going on with my body. Who gets the chance to have menopause more then once in their life, ain’t I lucky (humour helps right???)


My treatment starts on the 14th October in the morning and I then will have a monthly appointment for treatments and oral perscriptions along with my normal pain meds, I am giving it at least 5 months first if it doesn’t help, I will then be going back to my specialist for the next step and referral, but lets see what happens first. Wish me luck and if you or anyone you know has been through this treatment please let me know in the comments below with anything from the treatments to how you feel.

Thank you for sticking with me on this journey of mine.

Becki x

Spoonie Box Subscription Self-Care Box


Hey Everyone, I want to let you all know about a fantastic subscription box that I came across, which has been made for all the suffer from a chronic illness, (you don’t have to, have chronic illness to subscribe), this box was created by Kristina who herself is a fellow Spoonie who is battling Lyme Disease. She also has her trusty dog Tabasco who is usually helping by sniffing the boxes for treats or by distracting everyone from packing.

I signed up for the October Spoonie Box and received it last week, the Spoonie Box usually contain 4 full sized items, but this month as it was Halloween, Kristina got in the spirit of things and added an extra treat. The Spoonie box cost a total of £33.29 including P&P, but if you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription you get money off.

The box comes well protected and all items from the packaging to the paper inside are all recyclcled products, which helps with the eco-friendly side and reducing our carbon footprints. The Box itself is a brown box with the name in Green lettering, on the sides of the boxes you have a Green line pattern and you will also find the website address and also where to share your spoonie moments either by Facebook or Instagram.


Let get to the contents of the box shall we, the October Spoonie Box contain the following items;

  • I’m Doing My Best Journal, a notebook which incites self- compassion and mindfulness through quotes by KnockKnock
  • A designer Pillbox with a starry case by Blue Badge Co
  • A sooting & Varied Herbal Tea selection by Pukka
  • Luxurious & Detoxing Ylang Ylang & Parchouli Secret Salt Society Bath Salts by Bank-Lyon
  • Dairy Free Halloween Witch Giant Chocolate Buttons by So Free Chocolate (Extra Treat)

The contents of the box is amazing as I have and would use every item in this box, unlike other subscription services out there who seem to repeat items and include items I would never use, plus you also usally only recieve a couple of full size items, this box contains all ful sized items.

I have already started on the chocolate buttons, I have used the bath salt,s which were amazing and helped me feel relaxed as well as make my skin feel amazing, I also like the fact that they looked like a tea bag ( see photos for reference).

The Pill box has become a life-saver, as instead of taking loads of plisters of meds, I now have them all in their dosages and use it for a day to day basis instead of the weekly, just down to having to take meds at different parts of the day, but it works really well, while lookiing pretty. I’m a huge fan of herbal/fruit teas ( Its my life, I’m not kidding you should see my tea collection) and the journal is great, the quotes are inspiring and the space where I can contribute my own feelings to it is great to help release what is going on mentally and physically with me.

In conclusion this box is amazing and it is so relevant to me, its that little treat each month, whch helps make living with my condtion that little bit easier, and also love the fact that its a fellow Spoonie who created the Spoonie Box, as it means she gets it and knows what it is like, which makes a huge difference. The box is of great value and you wouldn’t be dissapointed with the products. If your looking for just a little pick me up or treat once a month, or know someone that deserves it why not check it out, you can subscribe for yourself or as a gift for someone else.





W7 Lip Explosion Palette


As you all know, I have an amazing Make-Up Dealer Catherine from My Cosmetic Corner (Make Me Up) and here I have another product I got from here before she closed for her break, I have recieved my first order from Catherine since she re-opened up her business. Check out her links for her Facebook Page and Shop here.

The Lip Explosion Palette comes in a light pink metal tin with bright pink lipstick marks, you then have the the W7 logo and lettering in black, on the back of the palette you will find the list of the ingredients that were involved in making the palette, there is also a picture on the back of the different lip shades that are included in the palette.


Once you opened the palette you are meant by 12 lip shades, and also a lip brush. The lipstick are more like a lipgloss as they have a sheen on them. The shades in the tin look like they are very neutral and earthy tones and are a mix of nudes and pink shades.


When I tried them I was correct they are lip glosses, and are very glossy and sleek, they are easy to use and for lipglosses the pigment is excellent, and seem to hold the shade in well, unforutnaely as they are lipglosses they don’t last long, and you do need to re-apply durning the day. Once I swatched all the colours I found that they were all similar shades and are very earthy with neautral shades.

In my personal opinion, I’m not a huge fan of lip glosses anyway so I wouldn’t persoanlly use this palette myself, but everyone has their own perference on make-up, and others prefer lipglosses. I was also expecting the palette to have brighter and more colourful shades, as the tin itself was very bright and bold, but the inside seem to let it all down with being quite boring actually. I think I was just expecting this palette to be like all the eye-shadow palettes, but this seem to fall behind with them.




Specialist, Signed Off and Sick Off The Pain!


Hey Everyone,

Thank you for following my journey with Endo, PCOS and everything else, its been a tough time for me where I have really been struggling, for those who have just joined me on my journey, let me give you a little update with what has been happening, for a couple of months my pain has been really high with it sitting around an 7/8, then next thing I know my pain went to a high 9, so I took time off work to give my body a rest and my manager signed me off to make sure I was given the time to come back to work without being in high amount of pain and drowsy and muddled from medication. I also had an appointment booked with a specialist to see if she would take me on and help me. So this is what has been happening now let me tell you the struggles that I am now facing and going through.


So I have currently been off work for 3 weeks and I’m still no better this flare up seems to be very determined not to move, and I have done everything I can do to try and bring it down and even have new medication to help block the nerves, but I can still feel it there and I am honestly so fed up, tired, stressed out, emotional and angry, I know I shouldn’t be because I can’t control this but I feel useless and feel like it is preventing me from doing the most of simple of tasks, I can’t even go for a walk without getting out of breath, I’m relying on my partner alot for help and I can finally admit it that I do need help, and I know everything that everyone is doing for me is because they want me better and they care about me.

Then on top of my excuritating flare up, I now have come on and have period cramps as well which is making it 10X worse, the problem with me being on my period as well means I have painful cramps as well, but I’m also become alot paler, feel sick and faint/light headed as well as drowsy. My body is most certainly trying to destroy me physically and mentally and I am still pushing through, yes I’m having a rough time and there are days where I don’t even know who I really am or my own head is attacking me, but I am still trying to smile and try and do stuff, because I don’t want to loose ME to this condtion.


My specialist appointment was last Tuesday (24/09/19) and I had no idea what I was walking into or what would happen, but we feel it went really well, my specilaist is taking me on and wants to help me, we spoke about what I had been through and what symptoms I have, she also had a feel of my abdoman and also did a little intermal examination, which as I said to her I was use to and I will remember her words forever, “Your 27 and not had a baby you shouldn’t be use to this at all” which she right I shouldn’t be use to any of this. I did have one bit of inforamtion which has messed me up a bit, she told me that I could have children, yes it’s harder but no one should of told me that I can’t have them, so i’m having to figure out if I would want children in the future or not, as this will help let her know what treatments she can offer, but after being told I can’t for all these years, I’m just can’t figure out how I feel with that information. The next step is a pelvic scan which I have on 01/10/19, then in the afternoon on the same day I have a follow up appointment with my specialist to start figuring out what are the next steps to help me, which yes I am scared but I also want the help as I can’t deal with being in this high level of pain everyday. (will let you know how it goes and what is next for me)


There not alot I can do but rest and relaxed and carry on with doing everything I have been doing and hopefully this flare up will start to come down, but til my pain has come down to at least a 5, I will still be going to doctors and hospitals for help for pain relief and also contiune to be signed off work, as I can finally say that when I’m like this I can’t focus and thanks to my medication I’m usally a little out of it and I just can’t be like that anymore, I have relised that my health is very important and I can no longer try and use work as a distraction, as I am just making myself worse. I need to get this condtion under control so until then I am going to listen to everyone. I’m not saying it’s easy for me because it’s not I feel like I’m letting everyone down and becoming a burden, plus I don’t do well with taking it easy and I will be honest I have been a complete mess and it is effecting me mentally, I just trying not to let it consume me fully. I am just like I said earlier super fed up, angry, frustrated and emotioanlly on all levels.

Thank you



W7 Perfect Eyes Mono Eyeshadows-Metal Collection


Another Product from one of my favourite brands W7, and of course purchased from my make up dealer Catherine over at My Cosmetic Corner ( Make Me Up). Please pop over to her Facebook page and her Shop, you won’t be dissapointed by the goodies that she can offer of high quality and at affordable prices.


These 5 mono eyeshadows from W7 come in Black circular snap compacts with a clear window at the top with the W7 Logo in Black, the clear window at the top means you can see the shade of the eyeshadow through it, underneath the eyeshadow you will find the ingredients that were involved in making the eyeshadow and also the shade name.

The 5 shades that come in this metal colletction are the following;

  • Silver Streak
  • Silver Bullet
  • Carbon Copy
  • Platinum
  • Black Crystal


So the shades are very neutral and earthy,along with the couple of white shadows, all the eyeshadows have a shimmer to them, to go along with the metal feel. As you can see from the photos the eyeshadows are full of pigment and they do blend well together to help create different looks from day to night.


I personally feel that these eyeshadows are a great staple piece in my collection, as with them being very neutral shades they are great to add highlight and shadow to all my eye looks, as well as create very simple and subtle eye looks, as well as a gorgeous smokey eye look. Plus the shimmer that is added just makes these shadows pop and when the light hits them it makes your eyes dazzle.

W7 no longer sells these but you can still get them on Ebay and Amzon for around £3 each.