W7 On The Rocks Eye-Shadow Palette


This amazing palette is from W7, which I received from Shaun for my birthday along with another couple of palette from W7.

This palette comes in a magnetic cardboard case with a Blue slate pattern with water droplets on it and then has the logo and bold writing in Gold, on the back of the box the pattern and Gold lettering continues along with the ingredients and a picture of the 14 eye-shadows included in this palette, for you to see the shades before opening the palette up. I feel that the colours and pattern really suit the palettes name, with the rock theme.


Once you open the palette up you are met by 14 amazing pigmentation eye-shadows which consist of 12 matte shades and 2 shimmer shades. The eye-shadows are a mix of neutral shades with a few rich Purples and Blues shades. On the lid, you find a mirror which in my eyes is a positive thing as you can take the palette on the go and be able to create or top up your eye look. The mirror and eye-shadows are surrounded by black which really helps make the shades pop, the palette also contains an eye-shadow brush.


The eye-shadows are simply stunning to look at and are full of pigment, the eye-shadows can be used alone or can be used with other shades as these eye-shadows are fully blendable which really helps you create endless of different looks suitable for day to night. You can really have fun experimenting with this palette to create all the looks you want. The best thing is that the eye-shadows are long-lasting and durable so no matter what your day hold your eye look will stay put.


So, in conclusion, W7 has once again created an outstanding and fun palette which you would be proud to have in your make-up collection. I personally feel that every eye-shadow palette that W7 brings out is totally different to every other palette they have out, the shades are all different and are totally unique to that palette that you have purchased, so it feels W7 makes an effort to keep their products fresh and new.

I have love created different looks from my everyday make-up to glam smokey eyes, I personally love all W7 products and from what you would have seen on my blog and Instagram I’m a huge W7 enthusiast and I already own a large collection of their products and I will always collect their products to add to my collection, as all their products are of amazing quality for a super affordable price and I can truly say they haven’t let me down yet and I don’t think they will ever let me down.


Let me know what you think of W7 and I hope you have enjoyed my Blog on the W7 On The Rocks Eye-Shadow Palette.

 W7 website this palette is priced at £9.95

Enjoy & Thank You




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